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Exact Classic Studs

MBIS MBISS GrCh Exact Classic Tulsa 

Tulsa is a very balanced boy.  He has a brick shaped head with textbook layback and beautiful sweep of jaw.  His turn of shoulder is outstanding and he holds his topline on the move.  Tulsa started winning at a young age. He has multiple BEST IN SHOWS and BEST IN SPECIALITY SHOWS all while just turning 2 years old in August of 2020.  He is HUU & Cystinaria Clear.  We have plans to start his OFA testing as soon as COVID will allow

AKC Champion Exact Classic American Outlaw 
AKC Champion Englsh bulldog stud

Ch Exact Classic American Outlaw is an OUTSTANDING bulldog. He finished his championship with limited showing at 11 months. He is the fastest finishing dog I have ever shown. All of his wins were under Breeder Judges. This says TONS about his quality. Outlaw is an OUTSTANDING producer.  He is the sire of Tulsa as well as numerous happy, healthy puppies. 

AKC Champion Cash's Oh My Gosh "Usher"

We welcomed Usher to our breeding program in 2020.  Usher is a litter mate to our "Dr. Phil" who passed a year ago.  Dr. Phil was a platinum health ambassador and although the previous owners did not do the testing, Usher has the same qualities and structure as Dr. Phil.  Usher is producing outstanding litters for us in Dr. Phil's absence.  Usher is NOT available for shipped semen.  

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