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English Bulldog Puppies make great pets. Many of Exact Classic Bulldog's customers come from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. Exact Classic Bulldogs is a small, family owned English bulldog puppy breeder dedicated to breeding pet English bulldogs and show quality English bulldogs. Exact Classic Bulldogs is located in the northeast corner of Indiana in Auburn, making Exact Classic Bulldogs the perfect English Bulldog breeder for anyone in the midwest looking for English bulldog puppies. At Exact Classic bulldogs, our goal is to breed English bulldogs that exceed the norm for health, temperament, and adherence to the English bulldog breed standard. We have selected the best possible European English bulldog bloodlines to utilize in our English bulldog breeding program.

Exact Classic bulldogs have always loved purebred English bulldog puppies, and have fallen in love with the English bulldog as a result. Our English bulldogs are part of the English bulldog family, and our biggest thrill is placing Exact Classic bulldog puppies in great homes. We love to hear from our past customers, no matter whether they just love to talk about their English Bulldog puppy or tell us about recent English bulldog show ring success.

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- Take a moment to see what our happy customers have said about us in the past -

Hello: We are delighted with our new pup and so thankful that she has graciously agreed to let us live with her. She is lively (you did not exagerate) and intelligent. She responds to her name, knows exactly where her food and water are located, and has estabished a race track in the house. Hope you are both well and wanted you to know how much we are enjoying her. We will keep in touch. Bob and Lou

- Bob & Lou

Just wanted to let you know Keady (Savannah) is doing great. We took her to the vet last Friday and everything looks good. We forgot to take a stool sample with us, but Keady was sure to provide them with a fresh one on the exam room floor. Other than that, the housetraining is going well, mistakes are few and far between. Her snorting and snoring have earned her the nickname Piglet. She’s made some friends with other dogs in the neighborhood. In fact, our neighbors have a 6 month old golden retriever that runs over to our fence to look for her any time they take her out. If we’re out there with Keady, they run back and forth until they have to drag the retriever away. Well, here are a couple pics from last week. Thanks again and talk to you soon,

- Brent & Susan

I just wanted to let you know that Neutyn is doing very well. He is as mischievous as ever. He is biting and attacking my feet as I write. He has been home for almost three weeks now. After the loss of our bulldog, Justice, Neutyn has filled the air with a personality and flare that only a bulldog can. I know that he will never replace Justice, but he is also irreplaceable. We are in the process of spoiling him rotten. He often shares my pillows on the bed at night. I hate to tell him that he will get to big and they are my pillows and not his. He thinks that he is the king when he can get up on the bed all by himself (good thing he has a ramp). Thank you both so much for everything that you have done to bring us together with Neutyn. We love him dearly. Candi and Jeb

- Candi & Jeb

Hi Chip & Lisa: Just checking in to let you know that Ozzie is the best dog ever! We are enjoying him so much. Every day we see new facets of his great personality and he just keeps getting cuter! He loves to fetch and play tag with us, and we have already been able to teach him so many things. Most recently he has mastered the "down" command (he already has "sit" down pat!). Will keep the photos coming!

- Carole

Our new pup (Johno) is AMAZING! He's the perfect addition to our new family!!! Thanks for everything you've done for us, we'll be sending you more pics soon!

- Connor Family

The puppy is awesome! We named him "Diesel." He is the cutest, sweetest, most luvable little guy. Everyone, and I mean everyone, absolutely loves him! He has had his vet visit and has had zero problems, issues whatsoever. Never even had any lose stools from the trip. I've kept him on the Royal Canine, which he loves. Also, at night, I am 'crate training' him which he also seems to enjoy. I have always had good success with crate training, but, have never seen a dog love his crate so much. He sleeps through the night, and then he eats at 6 and 6. He also comes to work with me everyday, which is a lot of fun for everyone. Anyway, so far so good. I expect things to only get better. Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate it. I will be sending pictures in the next few days.

- Dan, Jack & Jordy

Thought I'd share with you a couple of pictures of Maggie. She is so precious! She has stolen all of our hearts! She gets along very well with our other dogs, especially the one that is just over a year old. Those two play together all day long. She goes back to the vet on Saturday for some vaccinations. I'm sure she'll weigh in around 23-25 pounds. She's growing like a weed and she's very smart. Just about potty-trained completely. Thank you, again, for everything. We absolutely adore her!

- Frahm Family

Hey Chip, just wanted to let you know the girls are doing great! Gregg and I love them so much already. They are adorable, there is never a dull moment around here. The Dr. I work for commented on how nice they are also. They got an A+. We are doing pretty good also already on potty training, we have gotten into a pretty good routine. Take care and keep in touch.

- Jan

Hi, I wanted to let you guys know that Sassy is doing great! She\'s now known as \"Coco\". She\'s really the best puppy, very smart, and well behaved. I have never known such a nice puppy! You can really tell that she's been well socialized and is healthy. Thanks again for making this such a great experience. We\'ll definitely be back for more bulldogs; we\'ve caught the bug, so to speak! I'll send some pictures when she's a little bigger.

- Jenny McGann

We just wanted to write and say Thank You for everything! We love our new Puppy! She is so good with the kids, has been eating wello and has done perfect on her potty training. Bridget (Ginger) spent the whole day yesterday playing with the kids and exploring her new home. We has planned to have her sleep at night in her crate, but she spent the night sleeping in bed with us. I (Joel) am especially happy to have someone in the house who snores louder than me!

- Joel Ellington Family

Bogee turned 4 months this week, and he is so adorable. We are so impressed by the work you do because his personality is wonderful! He loves to play with us. We walk each day with our dogs, and he loves to walk down the block to see all of our neighbors. He has bonded so well with our pug. He follows our pug on our walks. After four weeks of sleeping in their own crates, both of them decided they wanted to sleep together! And they whine if they can\'t cuddle with each other. Our vet is impressed. He works quite a bit with bulldogs, and because of Bogee, he is going to recommend you to others who want an English bulldog. Thank you so much for having a dream and doing it well. You have brought so much happiness to our family, including our pug!

- Joyce & Dean

"Jimmy" a.k.a. Marlon Brando just might be the greatest dog ever as far as I am concerned. He has settled in perfectly in his new home. His crate training is going well and he already circles around by the door when he needs to go "outside." I am so amazed at how smart and well behaved he is! Jimmy has just added sitting to his resume this week. I couldn't be more happy with him and am so glad that my searching for the perfect dog led to you two. I was able to find the Royal Canin puppy food at my local pet store and they also carry the bulldog specific food. Everything, and I do mean everything has been amazing with my new friend. Thank you so much, I will make sure to share pictures with you as he grows and grows and grows. Take care!

- Justin

Hey Chip and Lisa Just wanted to let you know that Penelope is doing great. She weights 14 pounds now. She is being a true puppy. She sure doesnt like this crazy weather we are having, she doesnt understand where the rain/snow is dropping on her body from. I have been taking lots of pictures so I will send you some this week. Lisa and Andrew

- Lisa and Andrew

Leia(formerly Natasha) is my first bulldog. After having golden retrievers, I didnt know what to expect really. When she was delivered, I literally cried because she was so sweet, not to mention the cutest thing I have ever seen. Right away, she took to my son. I have only had her for 3 weeks and she has learned so much! Shes already potty trained, knows various commands, socializes with other dogs so well and LOVES humans!! I have had more visitors for this puppy than I ever had for my kids!! Lisa was right on. She is the envy of all my neighbors. She loves her baby pool. Loves to lay on my lounge chair and loves to sleep on her back. I am so happy I did my homework and found this amazing breeder!!! Thank you for my smart, beautiful, fun new addition!!!

- Maureen from Chicago

First of all I wanted to let you know we just adore her. We have changed her name to Peanut it just seemed to fit her better. I just can\'t say enough about her we love her so much she is just wonderful.

- Michelle Wise

Hi Guys, I know this is a very overdue update on a puppy that we purchased from you but better late then never! The former \"Tara\" is now named Fergie. First I would like to say that the disposition of this dog is top notch. We could not have asked for a better pet for our family. She has brought so much joy to us after our pug of 11.5 years passed. Fergie was born May 25, 07\'. I believe my husband and I picked her up August 1st. Anyway, she is almost a year old and I would say a \"slim\" 42lbs. She has taken up a personality of \"one of the kids\" and we really feel she thinks she is one of them. She has also taken up the sport of soccer and is actually pretty competitive. It is really funny to watch her try to play against you. To convince you that she really does think she is one of the kids, she will climb up rock wall steps on our kids play ground, following them and then she will slide down the slide and also try to climb back up the slide. We have been most impressed by her patience with little children. She is excited to see them but will walk up to them and sit perfectly still so they can pet her and she loves it when they do. We also would like to mention her best friend is a farm kitten that comes to visit her everyday in the yard :) My family would like to thank you both for taking such care in breeding these family members. We are not the same since she came home with us. She is so loved and she gives that love back. Hope you both are doing well!!

- Mills Family

Heather and I own a 6 month old male English Bulldog named Hercules, we went through literally 25+ breeders in 15 states trying to find a reputable breeder to get our male a female. At Exact English Bulldogs they breed their dogs in such special ways you feel as if you getting a new child not a dog from the family. Before you can ask a question they already have it answered. Family oriented professional and very clean. We bought Rewie *aka Riley her new name*. Great temperment beautiful color and very healthy. If you want just a bulldog dont buy from them. If you want a new family member give them a call.Out of 25+ breeders they stood far above the rest and we know our Bulldogs.It is the first and definately wont be the last Bulldog baby we add to our family from them. Sincerely, Extended Family / Bulldog owner Nick and Heather

- Nick and Heather

Turner.......now Tucker, has setteled into our house and is doing wonderful. He is the sweetest puppy and is getting along with our Basset Hound and our two cats very well. He is happy all the time. We are so gald we decided to get one of your puppies. We did our homework and searched for a while to try to get the best English Bulldog we could find. We truly feel we accoumplished what we set out to do. He is a joy to be with. I would also like to comment on the honesty in which you represent your puppies. We felt very comfortable that we were getting a healthy well socailized happy puppy. We would not hesitate to recommend an Exact English Bulldog to anyone. Elizabeth and Jimmy Patschke, Livingston, Texas.

- Patschke Family

Sebastian "Chopper" McKoy is doing EXCELLENT! He is a little homesick but he is adapting quickly. We hope to have pictures soon!!! Thank you so much for everything!! HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!

- Reggie McKoy

Chip and Lisa, I cannot tell you how amazing the experience of adopting Patrick aka Goose has been. He is an absolute sweetheart. He's so smart, alert, cocky and sweet all at the same time. He was a well behaved celebrity sitting in First Class from Detroit to L.A. EVERYONE couldn't get enough of him. We are in love with him. He's incredible. AND he got an "A" grade from his vet today. We'll keep in touch and send new pictures soon. Take Care and Peace,

- Scott

She is doing great! Even better than expected! We really adore her personality and her little "piggy" noises. We decided to name her Chloe. Chloe and our Dobe are getting along great. She runs after Engel(the Dobe) as if to say, "Hey, wait for me!" Engel plays by nugging her as a horse would, I think Engel is afraid of "breaking" Chloe! But Chloe is fearless and barks and runs after Engel, apparently unaware of their extreme size difference. Thanks for the great pup!

- Shellie

Rita is now a Lucy Boodles. Took her to the Vet yesterday, she weighs 36 pounds, were did that little puppy go? Lucy is awesome, we love her to death, she gets along with the girls and our two dogs. We laugh at her all day, just looking at her expressions crack me up. Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful dog. We will defiantly be a customer again in the future. We also are causing quite a stir in southern Indiana.

- Steve

Dozer is now 4 1/2 years old. We could not have asked for a nicer dog. He is very healthy and has personality plus! Our vet says he is the healthiest bulldog he has seen. Dozer was the first bulldog to complete puppy training at our local kennel club. He does have a mind of his own and did not pass with flying colors! We love his stubbornness and individuality. Thanks for breeding such a high quality addition to our family.

- The Sulpizio Family

Hi Chip and Lisa, I wanted to share some recent photos of Lucy with you. She has really been a wonderful addition to our home. We can't get enough of her! She is such a sweetheart! Christi and Eric Thompson

- The Thompson Family

Dear Chip and Lisa: I just wanted to let you know that Miley formerly known to your website at \"Gracie\" has become a wonderful addition to our family. She is a loving and friendly dog. She is a very bright too. She was potty trained within three weeks of her arrival into our home. She was sitting and shaking her paw at an early age. Everyone in our neighborhood cannot resist stopping by to visit Miley. When we visit family and friends she is always welcome by all to come along. Because of her awesome personality we always have friends and family fighting to be a dog sitter. The problem is they never want to give her back. She plays extremely well with young children. She is definately not a shy dog. She will let you know when she wants to be scratched or have her belly rubbed by a little bark or a rummble in her throat. She is not going anywhere until you give up some attention. Give her a 10 second pat and she is on to something else whether it be playing with her toy or taking a nap. I would reccomend Exact English Bulldogs for a family pet to anyone. Thanks again Tom and Tami Evans

- Tom and Tami Evans

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